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Don’t Ignore the Dashboard Warning Light

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A warning light on your car’s dashboard is a sign that the car isn’t functioning properly and there is an issue somewhere within your vehicle. You should always get it checked out by a trained technician as soon as you can to avoid further problems and expensive bills. Our busy garage has invested in new diagnostic machines and testing equipment so that we can correctly diagnose the problem with your car. A diagnostic test at Portsmouth MOT Test Centre will allow you to quickly find out what is wrong with your car and our friendly team will let you know how it can be fixed.

Diagnosing a Problem

Any warning light can be caused by a number of things from worn brake pads to engine failure. Only a trained technician that is qualified to carry out a diagnostic test will be able to correctly find the problem. When you come to our garage with a problem, we’ll connect your car’s engine control unit (ECU) to the diagnostic machine. Your ECU has multiple sensors all around your car and this is how we diagnose the problem. The sensors will flag up if there is a fault and our technicians can use this to diagnose the problem.


Once we have correctly diagnosed the problem, we’ll let you know what the next steps are. This is most likely some sort of repair, so we’ll give you a quote for the work and let you know how long it will take. By diagnosing the problem with the top of the range testing equipment it saves us taking your car apart and potentially causing more problems. We can locate exactly where the problem is, what parts need to be replaced and what repair work is required. We’ll test the fault again once we’ve done the work and when we’re satisfied with the results we can reset the warning lights.

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Getting a Diagnostic Test

Our diagnostic tests can be booked online 24/7, even when we aren’t open. You can check our availability to find an appointment that suits your schedule, and we’ll give you an instant quote for the diagnostic test. If repair work is required, our technicians will give you a quote for this, but only once they have diagnosed the problem. They will always get you to approve this quote before they do the repair work. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions about the test and give you advice on any repairs or warning lights.

Portsmouth MOT Test Centre is proud to offer quality diagnostic tests at affordable prices. Our friendly team have an excellent reputation for their honest attitude and hard work. To book a diagnostic test online, simply enter your vehicle registration and get an instant price to book your car in now.

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